I am constantly striving to minimise the impact my business has on the planet, balancing economic, ethical and environmental factors to make my practice as sustainable as possible.

In recent years there has been an increased awareness of responsible and ethical practice within the jewellery industry. Sustainable, ethical and traceable recycled products are much easier to source now than when I first began making jewellery and some suppliers use 100% recycled precious metals as standard.



I use 100% recycled silver and gold in my designs which I buy as bullion from the supplier in sheet and wire form, I also use recycled silver solder, findings and chain. It is produced from 100% recycled scrap silver from a range of sources including the medical and electronics industries, using a totally traceable, fully audited process, recycled precious metals are equal in quality and have the same working properties as non-recycled metals. 

Using recycled silver helps reduce the impact mining and production has on the environment.


Ecologi - Plant a Tree with every purchase.

I have joined Ecologi to help fund responsible planting of trees, one tree is planted for every piece of jewellery ordered on my website.

Plant a tree

Thank you so much for your orders, below you can see how many trees have been planted so far. 

We plant trees with Ecologi


Working Practice

In my workshop I reuse and recycle all my scrap precious metal. I use traditional jewellery making techniques which involves mainly hand tools and small machinery including a pendant drill and polishing motor, I try to keep my energy use to a minimum.



The packaging I use for my jewellery is made using recycled materials, the branded card boxes, mailing boxes and paper tape are all recyclable. Any ribbon I use for gift wrapping is made from recycled plastic bottles. Currently The foam pad in my boxes which keeps your jewellery protected is not recyclable but can be reused. I am always on the lookout for more environmentally friendly alternatives.

 Grey branded card jewellery boxes, cotton drawstring bag, cardboard posting box, paper packing tape.

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